Episode 06

Episode 06
Stress & Cultural Expectations: Eileen's Story
Eileen’s family emigrated from China to North America to create an new life for their children. The Chinese family culture and dynamics were important in the household. Eileen found it difficult to fit in with her peers and she was heavily relied upon at home for chores. She was also pushed hard to excel at school and placed in a school for advanced education. Unfortunately at a young age, she was sexually molested and kept it a deep dark secret. Her self identity would develop into a critical low level of self esteem and alienation from any social life. High school was a nightmare. She found a message of hope from an unusual source and decided that prior to entering University she’d transform her life with an ultimate spiritual and physical makeover.


Abuse and Domestic Violence: Ontario http://www.ementalhealth.ca
Ontario Association of Children's Aid http://www.oacas.com
Dr. K's view on Eileen's story.