Episode 12

Episode 12
Cyber Bullying: Cristina's Story
At the age of 13, a boy approached Cristina asking her to be his girlfriend. She declined the boys offer and he became angry threatening that she would regret it. One day Cristina came to school and everyone eyed her every move. Whisper in ears and laughing she felt something was terribly wrong. She inquired from a friend that told her this boy had circulated a nude photo on line saying that it was Cristina although the person’s face was not seen. She was mortified and ran home. She thought that her parents, the school and even the authorities would be able to put a quick stop to it, but she was wrong. This devastation turned her into a tormented young woman who could not escape the rumors for 7 years. It destroyed her life as a teenager and broke her spirit and ultimately not want to live life anymore.


Abuse and Domestic Violence: Ontario http://www.ementalhealth.ca
Ontario Association of Children's Aid http://www.oacas.com
Dr. K's view on Cristina's story.