Episode 01

I’m Not Addicted: Will's Story

Will’s story of addiction and living on the streets.

Episode 02

Don’t Diss My Abilities: Michelle's Story

An incredible story of perseverance against sexual abuse, blindness, bullying, depression, suicide, and turning it around to become a beacon of positive energy.

Episode 03

Breaking Poverty: Billionaire PA's Story

A story of a young African American man breaking out of poverty and a life of drugs to become successful and a true inspiration.

Episode 04

Broken Families: Lydia's Story

Lydia’s story details her life in the foster care system, and her struggle to have her own family and life.

Episode 05

LGBTQ Inclusivity: Joey's Story

Joey’s story of being gay and struggling for acceptance and fighting against his thoughts of suicide.

Episode 06

Stress & Cultural Expectations: Eileen's Story

Eileen, the daughter of Chinese immigrants, had a life made more difficult with young sexual molestation. Her low self-esteem and alienation created a nightmare for her personal life. She found hope just before university.

Episode 07

Anxiety & Depression: Eleanor's Story

Bullying leads to depression and severe anxiety for Eleanor. Physically she could not be around a room full of people, or even risk being touched.

Episode 08

Addiction in First Nations: Lindsay's Story

A compelling and inspiring First Nations story of a girl surviving drugs, alcohol and violence.

Episode 09

Depression & Eating Disorder: Sterling's Story

A fun and energetic young teen that ends up with a serious eating disorder due to one unkind comment.

Episode 10

Depression & Self-Harm: Brittany's Story

A story about depression, abuse, and self-harm.

Episode 11

Identifying Transgender: David's Story

David’s story on his journey to realizing his sexuality. ...

Episode 12

Cyber Bullying: Cristina's Story

Cristina describes her story of surviving a bad break up and how her ex cyber bullied her which created a seven year cycle of torment and humiliation.

Episode 13

Understanding Aspergers: Sean's Story

Sean's journey with Asperger's, the bullying, frustration and alienation he endured along the way of discovering his mental illness and how to deal with it.